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About Us

Who are we? Why do we exist?

Powerhouse Parenting™ is a program developed by, 20+ year parent, educator, and coach, Bernie Audette, Ed.D. because he, along with many others, believe our nation is in a parenting crisis.  Many children are now being parented in a way that robs them of the opportunity to grow into grounded, well-adjusted, resilient, independent adults capable of functioning in the real world. Dr. Audette has focused this program on providing millennial parents with advice, support, research-based parenting data, coaching, support, tutoring for children, and access to an online community of hardworking, purposeful parents to support their collective effort to raise independent, resilient, well-adjusted adults.

Powerhouse Parenting™ Programs and Services

At  Powerhouse Parenting™  we offer a number of practical, research-based, proven programs and services all designed to help parents reflect on and improve the effectiveness of their parenting work.  The future of our children, our nation, and our world all depend on parents raising grounded, well-adjusted, resilient, independent adults capable of functioning in the real world.  It is time to make sure you are giving your child the greatest opportunity to thrive in our adult world as well as help change the world for the better!

Giving Back

Dr. Audette believes in giving back in a number of ways.  As a strong Catholic, he believes in helping his brothers and sisters in need.  Recently he founded 2017YearofPeace as way to increase world-wide dialogue regarding the importance of peace for the future of our world and its children.

Dr. Audette's work with the Powerhouse Parenting™  Program is no different.  Dr. Audette is committed to financially supporting the Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America by donating 20% of all revenue earned from this program to them.  

The work of the Powerhouse Parenting™  Program is focused on our children as does the work of Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America, so supporting them in this significant way seems very appropriate.


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If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Audette @ draudette@powerhouseparenting.com

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